Soil and Landscape Grid
of Australia

Get the Data

The raster data sets in the Soil and Landscape Grid can be downloaded directly to your computer using various means available through this website.
  1. Full raster data file downloads are available through the CSIRO Data Access Portal or FTP Download. The products are available in GeoTiff format. Each file is approximately 4Gb in size.
  2. You can download data direct to your GIS using Open GIS Consortium (OGC) Web Coverage Services (WCS). Using this open source protocol, most GIS and data analysis tools allow you to directly access the raster data from the internet. The downloaded data can be saved locally as raster files.
  3. You can also subset and download raster data sets in you web browser using the Web Clipping Tool. No external or third party software is required, although you will need a suitable software package to view and/or analyse the downloaded data.
  4. There is an R package available that provides the ability to download geographic subsets of raster data.