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The Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project

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CSIRO’s Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is working in partnership with the Tasmanian Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Water to undertake the Tasmania Sustainable Yields (TasSY) project.
Funded by the Australian Government, the project will provide the science to help underpin the planning and sustainable management of the State’s water resources.

This project will provide water managers and users with robust estimates of current and future water yield for  the northern and eastern regions of Tasmania, where irrigation is either currently occurring or is proposed for the future.
The project resulted from a March 2008 decision by the Council of Australian Governments for a comprehensive scientific assessment of water yield in all major water systems across the country.

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Arthur-Inglis-Cam Reporting Region

Mersey-Forth Reporting Region

Pipers-Ringarooma Reporting Region

South Esk Reporting Region

Derwent-South East Reporting Region

Dr David Post
Project Leader, Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project
Land and Water
Water for a Healthy Country Flagship
Phone: 61 2 6246 5751
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