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CSIRO's publications repository contains records of more than 80 years of CSIRO research publications, such as journal articles, conference papers, books and reports. Some recent records may have full-text attachments available where copyright and confidentiality conditions permit. The repository is fully searchable. You can also browse the collection by author or publication date.
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This page lists a selection of publications produced as a result of research conducted through the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship. Some reports are available in downloadable PDF format and require PDF Reader software (free). If you wish to obtain more information about a specific publication please contact the author concerned.

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Where possible, the title of the document is linked to a downloadable version.

Journal articles

Banning, N, Toze, RSG & Mee, BJ  2003,  'Persistence of biofilm-associated Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in groundwater and treated effluent in a laboratory model system',  Microbiology, vol. 149 ,  no. 1, pp. 47-55. 

Barron, O Aslibekian & Moles, R  2003,  'Environmental risk assessment of metal contaminated soils at Silvermines abandoned mine sites, Co Tipperary, Ireland',  Environmental Geochemistry and Health, vol. 25,  no. 2, pp. 247-266. 

Cai, WJ, Whetton, PH & Karoly, DJ   2003,  'The response of the Antarctic Oscillation to increasing and stabilized atmospheric CO2',  Journal of Climate, vol. 16,  pp. 1525-1538. 

Douglas, GB, Palmer MJ & Caitcheon, GG  2003,  'The provenance of sediments in Moreton Bay, Australia: A synthesis of major, trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic geochemistry, modeling and landscape analysis',  Hydrobiologia, vol. 494,  no. 1-3, pp. 145-152. 

Hanson, BD, Mallory-Smith, CA, Brewster, BD, Wendling, LA & Thill, DC  2003,  'Growth regulator effects of propiconazole on redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus)',  Weed Technology, vol. 17,  pp. 777-781.

Lu, JP, Davis, P & Burn, LS   2003,  'Lifetime prediction for ABS pipes subjected to combined pressure and deflection loading',  Polymer Engineering Science, vol. 43,  2,   

Maheepala, S & Perera, C  2003,  'Climate Change and reliability of water supply',  Water Science and Technology, vol. 47,  no. 7-8, pp. 101-108.

Merrington, G, Oliver, IW, Smernik, RJ & McLaughlin, MJ  2003,  'The influence of sewage sludge properties on sludge-borne metal availability',  Advances in Environmental Research, vol. 8,  1, pp. 21-36. 

Page, DW   2003,  'Characterisation of organic matter from Corin Reservoir, Australia',  Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, vol. 70,  pp. 169-183.  

Page, DW, van Leeuwen, JA, Spark, KM & Mulcahy, DE  2003,  'Application of pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for characterisation of dissolved organic matter before and after water treatment',  Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, vol. 67,  no. 2, pp. 247-262. 

Rasiah, V, Armour, JD, Menzies, NW, heiner, DH, Donn, MJ & Mahendrarajah, S  2003,  'Nitrate retention under sugarcane in wet tropical Queensland deep soil profiles',  Australian Journal of Soil Research, vol. 41,  pp. 1145-1151. 

Shibata, H, Petrone, KC, Hinzman, LD & Boone, RD  2003,  'The effect of fire on dissolved organic carbon and inorganic solutes in spruce forest in the permafrost region of interior Alaska',  Soil Science Plant Nutrition, vol. 49,  pp. 25-29.

Smernik, RJ, Oliver, IW & Merrington, G  2003,  'Advanced solid-state carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of sewage sludge organic matter: Detection of organic 'domains'',  Journal of Environmental Quality, vol. 32,  pp. 1523-1533. 

Smernik, RJ, Oliver, IW & Merrington, G  2003,  'Characterization of sewage sludge organic matter using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy',  Journal of Environmental Quality, vol. 32,  pp. 116-124. 

Wong, M & Stone, PJ  2003,  'Doing the splits',  GRDC media release, 17 September 2003,   

Ying, GG, Kookana, RS & Dillon, P  2003,  'Sorption and degradation of selected five endocrine disrupting chemicals in aquifer material',  Water Research, vol. 37,  no. 15, pp. 3785-3791. 


2003, Douglas Shire Council (DSC). Project 1, activity, 2: determine best management practice  for all agricultural practices in the Douglas Shire. Milestone Report, Water Quality Improvement Program, Report authored by team combining DSC, CSIRO, Mossman Agricultural Services, BSES, Queensland EPA, Queensland DPI, 16 pp 

Barr, AD  2003, Implementation of a quantitative water balance analysis of the La Mesa Reservoir using the WSIBal Model, A client report to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 62 pp 

Barr, AD  2003, Investigation of the Water Balance of Lake Clifton, A client report to the Western Australia Department of Conservation and Land Management, 59 pp 

Barr, AD  2003, Vertical fluxes in the vicinity of Jangardup South and Lake Jasper:  An addendum to "Hydrological impacts of mineral sand mining at Jangardup South" (Turneretal, 2001), Client report to Cable Sands (WA) Pty Ltd,  

Barr, AD, Pollock, DW and Salama, RB  2003, Surface water - groundwater interaction modelling: leakage from the Ord River Irrigation Area Channel Network, CSIRO Technical Report No 17/03,  

Lefroy, T and Stone, P  2003, Putting our money where our mouth is, Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Impacts of Native Vegetation and Biodiversity Regulations, 4 pp 

McLaughlin, MJ, Whatmuff, M, Warne, MStJ and Langdon, K  2003, Guidelines for the safe re-use of metal containing wastes on land, Progress report to the Environmental Trust, 36 pp 

Mitchell, VG and Maheepala, S  2003 , Melbourne Water Climate Change Study Change. Demographics in the Greater Melbourne Region. Undertaken for Melbourne Water by the Climate Impact Group, CSIRO Atmospheric Research and CSIRO Urban Water CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, Technical Report 2 CMIT-2005-102 May 2003, CSIRO, 12 pp 

Mitchell, VG, Sharma, A, Jones, RN and Durack, PJ  2003, Melbourne Water Climate Study Change. Models. Review of Melbourne Water Model Adequacy for Climate Change Impact Asssessment. Undertaken for Melbourne Water by CSIRO Urban Water and Climate Impact Groups, Technical Report 3 CMIT-2005-103 May 2003, CSIRO, 15 pp 

Overton, IC and Jolly, ID  2003, Investigation of the floodplain and groundwater interactions at Chowilla, Report prepared for the South Australian Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation by CSIRO Division of Land and Water,  

Po, M, Kaercher, JD and Nancarrow, BE  2003, Literature Review of Factors Influencing Public Perceptions of Water Reuse, CSIRO Land and Water Technical Report,  

Stone, PJ  2003, Unlocking the benefits of precision agriculture for farm profits and the environment, Distributed to Liebe Group members and GRDC Western Panel, 25 August 2003, 2 pp 

Stone, PJ  2003, Unlocking the benefits of precision agriculture for farm profits and the environment, Summary of work being undertaken in SIP09. Distributed to Mingenew-Irwin Group memeers. 7 October 2003,  

Turner, G  2003, Melbourne's metabolism and complete water account: Applied physical economy futures. Prepared for the Water for Healthy Country flagship Oversight Committee 18 July 2003,  

Conference proceedings & presentations

Alem, L, Kravis, S, McLean, A, and Vercoustre, AM 2003, 'Knowledge sharing technologies to support community participation in natural resource management:  a research agenda', in Proceedings of Australian Conference on Knowledge Management and Intelligent decision support ACKMIDS'03, December, 2003,

Barr, AD, Xu, C, and Silberstein, RP 2003, 'Construction of a vertical flux model manager for the Swan Coastal Plain', in Proceedings of International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM) 2003, July, 2003, Townsville, Australia, pp. 172-176  

Batten, D 2003, 'Converting waste into wealth, the scope for eco-industrial complexes in Australian regions', in International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Conference, 9 November, 2003-13 November, 2003, Melbourne, Victoria,

Bell, M, Barry, G, Pu, G, Want, P, Cokley, T, and Halpin, N 2003, 'Effects of biosolids application on soil nitrate and sugarcane biomass in southeast Queensland', in Proceedings 1st Australian Farming Systems Conference, September, 2003, Toowoomba, QLD,

Burn, S, De Silva, D, Tjandraatmadja, G, Mitchell, G, Diaper, C, Correll, R,  Dillon, P, and Eiswirth, M  2003, 'The role of urban infrastructure on ground water contamination: the EU AISUWRS Project', in Proceedings of Pipes, 21 October, 2003-23 October, 2003, Wagga Wagga, NSW,

Diaper, C and Maheepala, S 2003, 'Alternative water managment options in a developed catchment', in Proceedings of Advances in Water Supply Management, 15 September, 2003-17 September, 2003, Imperial College, London, UK,

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Hills, S, Birks, R, Diaper, C, and Jeffrey, P 2003, 'An evaluation of single-house greywater recycling systems', in Proceedings of 4th International Symposium on Wastewater REclamation and Reuse , 12 November, 2003-14 November, 2003, Mexico City,

Khan, S, Blackwell, J, Rana, T, and Beddek, R 2003, 'What are the options for managing extreme climate variability in Australian catchments?', in 50th ANCID National Irrigation Conference "Catchment Companions Growing Together", 19 October, 2003-22 October, 2003, Eastbank Centre, Shepparton, Victoria,

Kinsey-Henderson, A, Prosser, I, and Post, D 2003, 'SubNet - Predicting Sources of Sediment at Sub-catchment Scale Using SedNet', in Modsim 2003. International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, 14 July, 2003-17 July, 2003, Jupiters Hotel and Casino Townsville, Australia, 2: Natural Systems,

Maheepala, S 2003, 'Assessing climate change implications for urban water supply planning', in Water - Victoria's future: Australian Water Association Victorian branch Regional Conference, 16 October, 2003-18 October, 2003, Lorne, Victoria, Australian Water Association, Victoria,

Maheepala, S, Snell, DG, and Perera, C 2003, 'Effect of climate change on security of Benalla water supply system', in International Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, 10 November, 2003-14 November, 2003, Wollongong, NSW, The Institution of Engineers, Australia,

Maheepala, S, Speers, A, Booker, B, and Mitchell, VG 2003, 'A framework for assessing sustainability of urban water systems', in 28th International Hydrology and water Resources Symposium, 10 November, 2003-14 November, 2003, Wollongong, NSW, The Institution of Engineers,

Maheepala, S, Vithanage, J, and Diaper, C 2003, 'Geelong region stormwater reuse project', in Water Recycling Australia, 2nd National Conference, 2003, Brisbane, Australia,

Makestas, M, Kaeding, U, Stevens, D, and McLaughlin, M 2003, 'Land application of biosolids - Australia's National Biosolids Research', in AWA Regional Conference, August, 2003, Adelaide, SA,

Makestas, M, Stevens, D, McLaughlin, M, Kaeding, U, and Oemcke, D 2003, 'Land application of biosolids in SA and Australia's National Biosolids Research Program', in AWA Regional Conference, 6 August, 2003,

Mitchell, VG, Diaper, C, Gray, S, and Rahilly, M 2003, 'UVQ:  Modelling the movement of water and contaminants through the total urban water cycle', in Proceedings of 28th international hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, 10 November, 2003-14 November, 2003, Wollongong, NSW,

Perera, C and Maheepala, S 2003, 'Effect of climate change on planning of urban water supply systems - Streamflow aspects', in Proceedings of International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management, 18 December, 2003-20 December, 2003, Hyderabad, India, pp. 258-267   

Post, D, Kinsey-Henderson, A, and Prosser, I 2003, 'Determining the impact of changes in grazing management on water quality at the small catchment scale', in AWA Catchment Management Conference, UWS,

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Stone, PJ 2003, 'Farm water futures [presentation]', in Water for a Healthy country WA node launch, 8 September, 2003, Perth,

Stone, PJ 2003, 'Farm water futures [presentation]', in Water for a Healthy country Confrence, 20 November, 2003, Canberra,

Stone, PJ 2003, 'PA - How can it help you with on-farm experimentation? [presentation]', in DULI Group Meeting, 20 October, 2003, Cadoux,

Stone, PJ 2003, 'SIP09 - What it means for farmers and farmer groups', in Grower Group Alliance Grower and researcher Forum, 17 October, 2003, Mandurah,

Stone, PJ 2003, 'Unlocking the benefits of precision agriculture for farm profits and the environment', in Liebe Group Information Day, 25 August, 2003, Buntine,

Stone, PJ 2003, 'Unlocking the benefits of precision agriculture for farm profits and the environment', in Mingenew-Irwin Group Research Committee Meeting, 7 October, 2003, Mingenew,

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