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Technical Reports 1998

Recognising the importance of communicating our scientific results and research outcomes, CSIRO Land and Water is committed to e-publishing all Technical Reports produced since the division's formation in 1997. Technical Reports are produced by scientists to document work in progress, record data or summarise material before it is published in the established scientific literature or in situations where journal publication is not appropriate. Missing numbers refer to reports in preparation. 

To open these files you will require Acrobat Reader, which is free from the Adobe Website. Contact the Communication Group if you have any problems downloading these publications. Hardcopies may be available for posting.

CSIRO Land and Water's publication outputs are often published as part of another series such as Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, Heartlands, Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program.

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PDF (1.4 MB)
43/98 A history of the CSIRO Division of Soils: 1927-1997. By: K.E. Lee 

PDF (701 kB)
42/98 New geotechnical maps for the Murray-Darling basin. By: E.N. Bui, C.J. Moran, and D.A.P. Simon 

PDF (145 kB)
41/98 Hydrological investigation at Howard East, N.T. 4. Executive summary and recommendations. By: P.G. Cook, T.J. Hatton, D. Eamus, L. Hutley, and D. Pidsley [Adelaide]

PDF (3.9 MB)
40/98 The Ecology of the Tuggerah Lakes - An Oral History.  By Anthony Scott

39/98 Report never published

PDF (154 kB)
38/98 Characterisation of six soil profiles at the MLA SGSKP site at Vasey, Vic. By J.W. Cox, R.W. Fitzpatrick, R.H. Merry, M. McCaskill, and R. Mao [Adelaide] 

PDF (211 kB)
37/98 Hydrological investigation at Howard East, N.T. 3. Paperbark swamp site: ecophysiology, soil physics, and groundwater chemistry. By T.J. Hatton, P.G. Cook, G. Kelley, A. O'Grady, L. Hutley, P. Reece, R. Farrow, D. Eamus, and D. Pidsley [Perth] 

PDF (73 kB)
36/98 Aquifer disposal of carbon dioxide: an examination. By C. Otto [Perth] 

PDF (105 kB)
35/98 Standard reference evaporation calculation for inland, south eastern Australia. By Wayne S. Meyer

PDF (387 kB)
34/98 Estimating reference evaporation and crop evapotranspiration from weather data and crop coefficients. An addendum to AWRAC Research Project 84/162 Quantifying components of water balance under irrigated crops.  By Wayne S. Meyer, David J. Smith and Graeme Shell

PDF (815 kB)
33/98 Historical stream salinity trends and catchment salt balances in the Murray-Darling Basin. By G.R. Walker et al. [Adelaide] 

PDF (353 kB)
32/98 The ecological history of Tuggerah Lakes. What the newspapers said... By J. Allison and A. Scott [Canberra] 

31/98 WAVES: An integrated energy and water balance model (Published as a website http://www.clw.csiro.au/products/waves/). By W. Davies and L. Zhang [Canberra}

PDF (379 kB)
30/98 Sediment sourcing in the Lake Burley Griffin catchment. By P.J. Wallbrink and P.J. Fogarty [Canberra] 

PDF (99 kB)
29/98 Results of chemical analysis on plant tissue from a phosphorus rate trial on Jarra Creek soil from north Queensland. By G.M. Baker and M.J. Webb [Townsville] 

PDF (223 kB)
28/98 Results of chemical analysis on plant tissue from an omission trial on Jarra Creek and Innisfail soils from north Queensland. By G.M. Baker and M.J. Webb [Townsville] 

PDF (317 kB)
27/98 Material budgets as an organising framework. By M. Raupach and C. Moran [Canberra] 

PDF (1.9 MB)
26/98 Role of irrigation drains in nutrient scavenging. By: J. Roberts, M. Thomas, and S. Meredith [Canberra] 

PDF (56 kB)
25/98 Ectomycorrhizal fungi in the mounds and other constructs of tropical Australian termites. By A.V. Spain, V. Gordon, and P. Reddell [Townsville] 

PDF (371 kB)
24/98 Hydrological measures of success for a pilot bioclogging study at Largs North, South Australia. By: M.G. Trefry, J.L. Rayner, and C.D. Johnston [Perth] 

PDF (520 kB)
23/98 Comparative study of streamflow and salt load from selected catchments in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. By: R.B. Salama and G.A. Bartle [Perth] 

PDF (560 kB)
22/98 Diagenetic Cycling of Trace Elements in the Bottom Sediments of the Swan River Estuary, Western Australia.  By Grant B. Douglas and John A. Adeney

PDF (618 kB)
21-98 The application of environmental magnetism to sediment source tracing: a new approach. By: G.G. Caitcheon [Canberra] 

PDF (1.7 MB)
20-98 Application of the hypsometric integral and other terrain based metrics as indicators of catchment health: A preliminary analysis. By Trevor I. Dowling, D.P. Richardson, Aisling O'Sullivan, Greg K. Summerell and Joe Walker [Canberra]

PDF (230 kB)
19/98 A preliminary study to assess the potential sources of phosphorus in the Goulburn City water supply catchments. By G. Caitcheon, B. Roddy, G. Hancock, and J. Olley [Canberra] 

PDF (278 kB)
18/98 Catchment phosphorus sources and algal blooms -- an interpretative review. By: T.H. Donnelly, C.J. Barnes, R.J. Wasson, A.S. Murray, and D.L. Short [Canberra] 

PDF (1.28 Mb)
17/98 Pesticide monitoring in the irrigation areas of south-western NSW, 1990-1995. By K.H. Bowmer, W. Korth, A. Scott, G. McCorkelle, and M. Thomas [Griffith] 

PDF (616 kB)
16/98 Biogeochemical changes in aquifers from injected waste water. By R.G. Gerritse [Perth] 

PDF (375 kB)
15/98 High resolution capture zone delineation for hydrological systems. By M.G. Trefry [Perth] 

PDF (2.1 Mb)
14/98 Integrative modelling of transport and fate of endosulfan in the riverine environment. Part 1: Use of observed riverine concentrations to identify contributions of airborne and waterborne transport. By P. Briggs, M. Raupach, B. Cooper, and M. Muschal [Canberra] 

PDF (182 kB)
13/98 Hydrological investigation at Howard East, N.T. 2. Eucalypt savanna site: soil physics and groundwater geochemistry. By P.G. Cook, A.L. Herczeg, D. Pidsley, and R. Farrow [Adelaide] 

PDF (141 kB)
12-98 Laboratory outflow technique for measurement of soil water diffusivity and hydraulic conductivity. By: T.W. Green, Z. Paydar, H.P. Cresswell, and R.J. Drinkwater [Canberra] 

PDF (202 kB)
11/98 A method for the collection, preservation and analysis of water samples for agricultural chemicals (pesticides) used in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. By W. Korth and S. Foster [Griffith] 

PDF (1.9 Mb)
10/98 Fire and fuel mapping Shoalwater Bay training area. By: B. Tunstall, N. Powell, and A. Marks [Canberra] 

PDF (1.8 Mb)
9/98 Vegetation and soil mapping Shoalwater Bay training area. By: B. Tunstall, A. Marks, and P. Reece [Canberra] 

PDF (1.8 Mb)
8/98 Vegetation and soil mapping Mt Bundey training area. By: B. Tunstall, T. Orr, and A. Marks [Canberra] 

PDF (4.64 Mb)
7/98 Mineralogy and chemistry of proterozoic magnesite ores from South Australia. By J.L. Keeling, S.G. McClure and M.D. Raven [Adelaide]

6/98 Report never published

PDF (719 kB)
5/98 Fire management plan Shoalwater Bay training area. By B. Tunstall and J. Edwards [Canberra] 

4/98 A new method for scheduling irrigation: application for residential turf-grass [Commercial-in-Confidence]. By P.A. Hutchinson and R.J. Stirzaker [Canberra] 

PDF (337 kB)
3/98 The canopy growth and transpiration model of WAVES: technical description and evaluation. By: P.G. Slavich, T.J. Hatton, and W.R. Dawes [Adelaide] 

2/98 Diffusion coefficients of organic compounds in polymer materials [Commercial-in-Confidence]. By: B.M. Patterson, G.B. Davis, A.J. McKinley, and C. Barber [Perth] 

PDF (518 kB)
1/98 The History of Fishing in the Tuggerah Lakes and SurroundingAreas - as told by Arthur George Clouten.  Edited by Anthony Scott