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Technical Reports 1997

Recognising the importance of communicating our scientific results and research outcomes, CSIRO Land and Water is committed to e-publishing all Technical Reports produced since the division's formation in 1997. Technical Reports are produced by scientists to document work in progress, record data or summarise material before it is published in the established scientific literature or in situations where journal publication is not appropriate. Missing numbers refer to reports in preparation. 

To open these files you will require Acrobat Reader, which is free from the Adobe Website. Contact the Communication Group if you have any problems downloading these publications. Hardcopies may be available for posting.

CSIRO Land and Water's publication outputs are often published as part of another series such as Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, Heartlands, Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program.

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Technical Reports 1997

PDF (574 kB)
37/97 Water and salt balances of the catchments of the Murray–Darling Basin. By: I.D. Jolly, T.I. Dowling, L. Zhang, D.R. Williamson, and G.R. Walker [Adelaide]. 

PDF (557 kB)
36/97 A wind tunnel study of the velocity field above a model plant canopy. By: J.M. Styles [Canberra]. 

PDF (36 kB)
35/97 Microbial biomass estimates of termite-harvested grass and adjacent senesced standing grass collected from a northern Australian savannah. By: M.J. Hodgen [Townsville]. 

PDF (49 kB)
34/97 Soil microbial biomass estimates: soils from some of the sugar yield decline joint venture sites (for project pa09, 1996). By: M.J. Hodgen [Townsville]. 

PDF (57kB)
33/97 Soil microbial biomass estimates: soils from the sustainable beef production on tropical tallgrass / woodland management project, north-east Queensland (for project pa14d, 1996). By: M.J. Hodgen [Townsville] 

PDF (52 kB)
32/97 Soil microbial biomass estimates: soils from some of the sugar yield decline joint venture sites 1995 (for project pa097). By: M.J. Hodgen [Townsville]. 

PDF (54 kB)
31/97 Soil microbial biomass estimates: soils from the sustainable beef production on tropical tallgrass / woodland management project, north-east Queensland (for project pa14d, 1995). By: M.J. Hodgen [Townsville]. 

PDF (134 kB)
30/97 A preliminary evaluation of the suitability of evaporation basins to manage drainage water in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. By: W.A. Muirhead, J. Moll, and J.C. Madden [Griffith]. 

PDF (488 kB)
29/97 A user guide to CORLAG and CORDUMP: software for antecedent and lag correlation analysis of WaVES hydrology outputs. By: P.R. Briggs [Canberra]. 

PDF (176 kB)
28/97 Guidelines on installation and maintenance of low cost automatic weather stations with particular reference to the measurement of wet bulb temperature in arid climates and the calculation of dew point temperature. By: G. Shell, W. S. Meyer and D. J. Smith [Griffith]. 

PDF (5.4 Mb)
27/97 Hydrogeomorphology and hydrogeology of the Upper Kent River catchment and its controls on salt distribution and patterns of groundwater discharge. By: R. B. Salama, G. A. Bartle, L. Ye, D. R. Williamson, G. D. Watson, and A. Knapton [Perth]. 

PDF (334 kB)
26/97 Assessing the regional risk of salinization over the Dalrymple Shire. By: E. Bui [Canberra]. 

PDF (332 kB)
25/97 Hydrological investigation at Howard East, N.T. 1. Eucalypt savanna site: transpiration and evaporation, 1994-96. By: T. J. Hatton, D. Pidsley, A. A. Held, P. H. Reece, D. P. Richardson, E. Kerle, and A. O'Grady [Perth]. 

PDF (140 kB)
24/97 High resolution capture zone delineation for hydrological systems: CGS seed project progress report. By: MG Trefry [Perth]. 

PDF (631 kB)
23/97 Impacts of water management in the Murray-Darling Basin on the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) and the water rat (Hydromys chrysogaster). By: Anthony Scott and Tom Grant [Canberra]. 

PDF (3.7 Mb)
22/97 The magnetic properties of a stratographic section of a sedimentary soil in New South Wales, Australia. By: R. H. Crockford and I. R. Willett [Canberra]. 

PDF (4.35 Mb)
21/97 Soil mapping and quarry site location Mt Bundey training area. By: B.R. Tunstall and A.S. Marks [Canberra]. 

PDF (366 kB)
20/97 Methods of culturing and performing toxicity tests with the Australian cladoceran Ceriodaphnia dubia. By: C. Orr and S. Foster [Griffith]. 

19/97 Mapped biophysical themes produced for reconstructing historical salt balances and stream salinity trends in catchments of the Murray Darling Basin [84 colour A3 maps] [Commercial-in-Confidence]. By: P. A. Dyce and T. I. Dowling [Canberra]. 

PDF (267 kB)
18/97 Storage and manipulation of the land systems of western New South Wales: a relational database for polygonal data. By: D. J. McKane [Canberra]. 

PDF (258 kB)
17/97 Soil indicators of changing land quality and capital value. By: A. J. Ringrose-Voase, G. W. Geeves, R. H. Merry, and J. T. Wood [Canberra]. 

PDF (810 kB)
16/97 Characterisation of subcatchment aquifers in the Liverpool Plains for the purpose of groundwater modelling. By: P. Dyce and P. Richardson [Canberra]. 

15/97 Numerical codes for modelling mass transport processes in VOC probes [Commercial-in-Confidence]. By: M. G. Trefry [Perth]. 

PDF (378 kB)
14/97 Stream salinity trends in catchments of the Murray-Darling Basin. By: I. Jolly, R. Morton, G. Walker, G. Robinson, H. Jones, N. Nandakumar, R. Nathan, R. Clarke, and V. McNeill [Canberra]. 

PDF (28 kB)
13/97 Cadmium concentration in grain grown under organic farming systems and using alternative fertilisers. By: D. P. Oliver, C. Penfold, J. Derrick, G. D. Cozens, and K. G. Tiller [Adelaide]. 

PDF (253 kB)
12/97 Compaction of soils irrigated with bore water in central Australia. By: W. W. Emerson and D. Weissmann [Adelaide]. 

PDF (4.5 Mb)
11/97 Evaluation of off-road impacts associated with Exercise Tandem Thrust 97. By: B. R. Tunstall and A. S. Marks [Canberra]. 

PDF (219 kB)
10/97 Recharge estimation in the Liverpool Plains (NSW) for input groundwater models. By: L. Zhang, M. Stauffacher, G.R. Walker, and P. Dyce [Canberra]. 

PDF (1.19 Mb)
9/97 Feasibility study: wastewater treatment, aquifer storage and reuse, Jiayuguan City, Gansu province, PR China. By: C. Barber, D. R. Williamson, R. S. G. Toze, J. Gomboso, J. F. Thomas, R. B. Salama, P. J. Dillon, Z. Kun, Z. Xin, and W. Hua [Perth]. 

PDF (1.19 Mb)
8/97 FLAG: A Fuzzy Landscape Analysis GIS Method for Dryland Salinity Assessment. By: D. W. Roberts, T. I. Dowling, J. Walker [Canberra]. 

PDF (1.3 Mb)
7/97 Quantifying the redistribution of soils and sediments within a post-harvested forest coupe near Bombala, NSW. By: P. J. Wallbrink, J. M. Olley, and B. P. Roddy [Canberra]. 

PDF (63 kB)
6/97 Conditional health indicators as a proxy for sustainability indicators. By: J. Walker [Canberra]. 

PDF (787 kB)
5/97 Relationship between waterbird ecology and river flows in the Murray-Darling Basin. By: A. Scott [Canberra]. 

PDF (74 kB)
4/97 An overview of current research on remediation of soils and aquifers contaminated by organic compounds: a report on an overseas visit to the United States 23 April to 12 May 1997. By: C. D. Johnston and G. B. Davis [Perth]. 

PDF (214 kB)
3/97 Hydrogeology of the Coleambally Irrigation Area: a brief description for use with a groundwater simulation model. By: S. A. Prathapar, S. Lawson, and D. J. Enever [Griffith]. 

PDF (340 kB)
2/97 Soil water retention determination using the 'Wetlab' facility at CSIRO, Davies Laboratory. By: E. J. Ford [Townsville]. 

PDF (1.37 Mb)
1/97 Microbial pathogens in wastewater: literature review for urban water systems multi-divisional research program. By: S. Toze [Perth].