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Technical Reports 2003

Recognising the importance of communicating our scientific results and research outcomes, CSIRO Land and Water is committed to e-publishing all Technical Reports produced since the division's formation in 1997. Technical Reports are produced by scientists to document work in progress, record data or summarise material before it is published in the established scientific literature or in situations where journal publication is not appropriate. Missing numbers refer to reports in preparation. 

To open these files you will require Acrobat Reader, which is free from the Adobe Website. Contact the Communication Group if you have any problems downloading these publications. Hardcopies may be available for posting.

CSIRO Land and Water's publication outputs are often published as part of another series such as Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, Heartlands, Australian Water Conservation and Reuse Research Program.

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PDF (1.3 MB)
55/03 Dry saline land: an investigation using ground-based geophysics, soil survey and spatial methods near Jamestown, South Australia. By R.W. Fitzpatrick, M. Thomas, P.J. Davies and B.G. Williams

PDF (434 kB)
54/03 Literature Review of Factors Influencing Public Perceptions of Water Reuse. By Murni Po, Juliane D. Kaercher and Blair E. Nancarrow - NOTE: This report has been updated in 2004 - click here for the updated version.

PDF (186 kB)
53/03 Development of a strategy for monitoring Australia’s natural resources: a discussion paper. By Mac Kirby, Neil McKenzie and Myriam Bormans

PDF (1.8 MB)
52/03 Quantifying and managing sources of sediments and nutrients in low-lying canelands. By Christian H. Roth, Fleur Visser, Robert Wasson, John Reghenzani and Ian Prosser

51/03 Report never published

PDF (903 kB)
50/03 Use of APSIM to simulate water balances of dryland farming systems in south eastern Australia. By K. Verburg and W.J. Bond

PDF (1.5 MB)
49/03 Salt Transport in the Bremer Hills, SA. Interpretation of Spatial Datasets for Salt Distribution. Fourth report for NAP South Australian Salt Mapping and Management. Chris Smitt, Jim Cox and Phil Davies

PDF (700 kB)
48/03 Fate of Spilt Sugars from Cane Harvest: Investigation and Modelling of the Phenomena. By F.J. Cook, C.E. Pankhurst, H.P. Bohl, C. D'Amato, D. Fanning, G. E. Rayment and G.D. Carlin

PDF (1.1 MB)
47/03 Targeting Rectification action in the Wingecarribee Catchment. Compiled and edited by Jon Olley and Daniel Deere

PDF (970 kB)
46/03 Vetiver Grass Hedges for Control of Runoff and Drain Stabilisation, Pimpama Queensland. By G.D. Carlin, P. Truong, F.J. Cook, E. Thomas, L. Mischke and K. Mischke

PDF (1.9 MB)
45/03 Novel Method of Controlling Acid Discharge In Drainage Water using Lime Slots. By F.J. Cook, A. Lush, G.D. Carlin and K. Bott

PDF (378 kB)
44/03 Validation of the SWAGMAN® Farm and SWAGMAN® Destiny models. By M. Edraki, D. Smith, E. Humphreys, S. Khan, N. O'Connell, and E. Xevi

PDF (807 kB)
42/03 Groundwater–surface water interactions between streams and alluvial aquifers: Results from the Wollombi Brook (NSW) study (Part II – Biogeochemical processes) . By Sébastien Lamontagne, Andrew L. Herczeg, John C. Dighton, Jodie L. Pritchard (CSIRO Land & Water), Jaswant S. Jiwan (NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources), William J. Ullman (College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware)

PDF (662 kB)
41/03 Soil water dynamics and components of the water balance for irrigated lucerne in southern NSW. By M. Edraki, E. Humphreys and N. O'Connell

PDF (355 kB)
40/03 Water Levels and Water Quality Trends in the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA) for the Period September 2001 - March 2003. By Daniel W. Pollock, Ramsis B. Salama and Neil R. Viney

PDF (467 kB)
39/03 Modelling Surface Water in the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA). By Neil R. Viney

PDF (7.2 MB)
38/03 Groundwater Flow Modelling of Ivanhoe and Packsaddle Plains: Interim Report of Model Development and Calibration. By Anthony J. Smith, Ramsis B. Salama & Daniel W. Pollock

PDF (561 kB)
37/03 Surface Water - Groundwater Interaction Modelling: Leakage from the Ord River Irrigation Area Channel Network. By Anthony D. Barr, Daniel W. Pollock and Ramsis B. Salama

PDF (209 kB)
36/03 Construction of a monitoring system to study the effectiveness of dewatering boreholes to manage rising groundwater levels in the Ivanhoe Plain, Ord River. By Daniel W. Pollock and Ramsis B. Salama

PDF (7.6 MB)
35/03 Investigating Conjunctive Water Management Options Using a Dynamic Surface-Groundwater Modelling Approach: A Case Study of Rechna Doab. By Shahbaz Khan, Tariq Rana, Kaleem Ullah, Evan Christen and Mohammad Nafees

PDF (4.1 MB)
33/03 Basin-Wide Mapping of Sediment and Nutrient Exports in Dryland Regions of the Murray-Darling Basin. By Ian Prosser, Chris J Moran, Hua Lu, Jon Olley, Ronald DeRose, Greg Cannon, Barry Croke (ANU), Andrew Hughes, Tony Jakeman (ANU), Lachlan Newham (ANU), Anthony Scott, Martin Weisse

PDF (4.4 MB)
32/03 Patterns of Erosion and Sediment and Nutrient Transport in the Murray-Darling Basin. By R.C. DeRose, I.P. Prosser, M. Weisse, and A.O. Hughes

PDF (2.4 MB)
31/03 Spatially Distributed Investment Prioritization for Sediment Control in the Murray Darling Basin. Report G to Project D10012 of Murray Darling Basin Commission: Basin-wide Mapping of Sediment and Nutrient Exports in Dryland Regions of the MDB. By Hua Lu, Chris Moran, Ronald DeRose and Greg Cannon

PDF (377 kB)
30/03 Determination of irrigation efficiency and deep drainage for irrigated maize with a shallow watertable. By M. Edraki, E. Humphreys, N. O’Connell and D.J. Smith

PDF (2.2 MB)
29/03 Recharge Enhancement Using Single or Dual Well Systems for Improved Groundwater Management in the Bandung Basin, Indonesia. By Susanne Fildebrandt, Paul Pavelic, Peter Dillon and Notoatmodjo Prawoto

PDF (3.3 MB)
28/03 Determination of SRA Habitat Indicators by Remote Sensing. By Environmental Remote Sensing Group, CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra

PDF (1.0 MB)
27/03 Dryland Salinity Management: Can simple catchment-scale models provide reliable answers? An Australian case study. By Mirko Stauffacher, Glen Walker, Warrick Dawes, Lu Zhang and Peter Dyce
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (3.3 MB)
26/03 Assessment of salinity management options for Kyeamba Creek, New South Wales: Data analysis and groundwater modelling. By Richard G. Cresswell, Warrick R. Dawes, Greg K. Summerell and Glen R. Walker
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (1.5 MB)
25/03 A critical review of paired catchment studies with reference to seasonal flows and climatic variability. By Alice Best, Lu Zhang, Tom McMahon, Andrew Western and Rob Vertessy
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (2.0 MB)
24/03 Assessment of salinity management options for South Loddon Plains, Victoria: Data analysis and groundwater modeling. Peter Hekmeijer and Warrick Dawes
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (2.9 MB)
23/03 Assessment of salinity management options for the Brymaroo catchment, South-eastern Queensland. By Chris Smitt, John Doherty, Warrick Dawes and Glen Walker
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (3.7 MB)
22/03 Assessment of salinity management options for Axe Creek, Victoria: Data analysis and groundwater modelling. By Peter Hekmeijer and Warrick Dawes
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (883 kB)
21/03 Testing in-class variability of groundwater systems: Local upland systems. By Cuan Petheram, Chris Smitt, Glen Walker and Mat Gilfedder
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (1.1 MB)
20/03 Modelling the effectiveness of recharge reduction for salinity management: Sensitivity to catchment characteristics. By Chris Smitt, Mat Gilfedder, Warrick Dawes, Cuan Petheram and Glen Walker
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (1.2 MB)
19/03 Impact of increased recharge on groundwater discharge: Development and application of a simplified function using catchment parameters. By Mat Gilfedder, Chris Smitt, Warrick Dawes, Cuan Petheram, Mirko Stauffacher and Glen Walker
(Also published as part of the MDBC report series)

PDF (252 kB)
18/03 Groundwater on the Northern Adelaide Plains. Prioritising research and related communication requirements. A summary of the Waite Campus Workshop, 28th November 2002. Compiled by Daryl Stevens, with the assistance of Sandra Wildman, Peter Dillon and Kym Good

PDF (509kB)
17/03 Preliminary appraisal of salinity development in the Packsaddle Creek area. By Ramsis B. Salama and Daniel W. Pollock

PDF (534 kB)
16/03 Performance and application of CERES and SWAGMAN Destiny models for rice-wheat cropping systems in Asia and Australia: a review. By J. Timsina and E. Humphreys

PDF (2.7 MB)
15/03 Sheet and Rill Erosion and Sediment Delivery to Streams: A Basin Wide Estimation at hillslope to Medium Catchment Scale. By Hua Lu, Chris J. Moran, Ian P. Prosser, Michael R. Raupach, Jon Olley, and Cuan Petheram

PDF (566 kB)
14/03 Deep drainage & crop water use for irrigated annual crops & pastures in Australia – a review of determinations in fields & lysimeters. By E. Humphreys, M. Edraki and M. Bethune

PDF (4.0 MB)
13/03 Seagrass Change Assessment Using Satellite Data for Wallis Lake, NSW. By Arnold G. Dekker, Janet M. Anstee and Vittorio E. Brando

PDF (1.2 MB)
12/03 Western Port sediment study: Background and literature review. By P.J. Wallbrink and G. Hancock

PDF (4.4 MB)
11/03 Regional Patterns of Erosion and Sediment and Nutrient Transport in the Goulburn and Broken River Catchments, Victoria. By R.C. DeRose, I.P. Prosser, L.J. Wilkinson, A.O. Hughes and W.J. Young

PDF (1.9 MB)
10/03 Estimation of Groundwater Recharge to the Parmelia Aquifer in the Northern Perth Basin 2001-2002. By E.B. Bekele, R.B. Salama, D.P. Commander, C.J. Otto, W.P. Hick, G.D. Watson, D.W. Pollock and P.A. Lambert

PDF (5.2 MB)
9/03 Hyperspectral Mapping of Intertidal Rock Platform Vegetation as a Tool for Adaptive Management. By A.G. Dekker, G.T. Byrne, V.E. Brando and J.M. Anstee

PDF (2.2 MB)
8/03 Tracer assessment of catchment sediment contributions to Western Port, Victoria. By P.J. Wallbrink, J.M. Olley and G. Hancock

PDF (1.0 MB)
7/03 Groundwater quality in the Ord irrigation area, its suitability for irrigation and prediction of salinity and sodicity hazards. By Riasat Ali and Ramsis B. Salama

PDF (751 kB)
6/03 Salt Transport in the Bremer Hills, SA – FLOWTUBE modelling. By Chris Smitt, Jim Cox, Kerryn McEwan, Phil Davies, Andy Herczeg and Glen Walker

PDF (2.4 MB)
5/03 Development of a GIS Framework for Data Integration and Management in the Ord River Irrigation Area. By Lorraine E. Bates and Daniel W. Pollock

PDF (2.6 MB)
4/03 Suspended Sediment and Bedload Budgets for the Western Port Bay Basin. By A.O. Hughes, I.P. Prosser, P.J. Wallbrink and J. Stevenson

PDF (1.7 MB)
3/03 Gully and Riverbank Erosion Mapping for the Murray-Darling Basin. By A.O. Hughes and I.P. Prosser

PDF (2.3 MB)
2/03 Assessment of physico-chemical changes in dryland saline soils when drained or disturbed for developing management options. By R.W. Fitzpatrick, R.H. Merry, J.W. Cox, P. Rengasamy and P.J. Davies

PDF (8.1 MB)
1/03 Quantifying Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Nutrient Discharge into Cockburn Sound, Western Australia. By Anthony J. Smith, Jeffrey V. Turner, David E. Herne and Wayne P. Hick