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CSIRO's publications repository contains records of more than 80 years of CSIRO research publications, such as journal articles, conference papers, books and reports. Some recent records may have full-text attachments available where copyright and confidentiality conditions permit. The repository is fully searchable. You can also browse the collection by author or publication date.
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In 2006, CSIRO Land and Water’s Technical Reports series and Client Reports were combined into one series titled CSIRO Land and Water Science Report series. These pages contain full reports or citations from the Series where its title and/or content are able to be made public.
To open these files you will require Acrobat Reader, which is free from the Adobe Website. Contact the Communication Group if you have problems downloading these publications.

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2012 Reports

Search all our publications using our Online Publications Database

01/12 Laboratory protocols for acid sulfate soils by Nilmini Jayalath


2012 Other reports by Land and Water authors

These reports have been published as part of a series other than Land and Water's Science Report series.

Angel BM, Jarolimek CV, King JJ, Hales LT, Simpson SL, Jung RF and Apte SC. 2012. Metal concentrations in the waters and sediments of Port Curtis, Queensland. CSIRO Wealth from Oceans Flagship Technical Report. 75pp

Casaril C, Ekström M and Grigg NJ. 2012. Hydro-climate knowledge needs for climate change adaptation: freshwater ecosystems and water resources application. CSIRO: Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship. 127pp (PDF, 2.57 MB)

Donohue RJ, McVicar TR, and Li L. (2012). Modelling of current and future carbon and water balances for Australia’s forests, woodlands and rangelands. CSIRO, Australia. 41 pp

Wong MTF, Grundy MJ, Barson M and Walcott J. (2012). A strategic framework to improve phosphorus management in the Australian grains industry. CSIRO, Australia. 37 pp

Guerschman JP, Oyarzabal M, Malthus TJ, McVicar TR, Byrne G, Randall LA and Stewart JB. 2012. Evaluation of the MODIS-based vegetation fractional cover product. 30pp (PDF, 6 MB)

Newnham G, Armston J, Muir J, Goodwin N, Tindall D, Culvenor D, Püschel P, Nyström M and Johansen K. 2012. Evaluation of terrestrial laser scanners for measuring vegetation structure. CSIRO Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, Manuscript ID: EP124571. 32pp

Nguyen M, Cook S, Moglia M, Neumann L and Trung NH. 2012. Planning for sustainable urban water systems in adapting to a changing climate - a case study in Can Tho City Vietnam, synthesis report. 41 pp.

Qureshi ME, Mainuddin M, Marvanek M, Elmahdi A, Connor J and Whitten S. 2012. Irrigation futures for the Murray Basin – Technical documentation. CSIRO: Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship. 33pp. (PDF, 806 kB)

Tjandraatmadja G, Ahmad A, Selintung M,  Kirono D, Larson S, Salman D, Barkey RA, Talebe A, Iman MN, Lipkin F, Neumann L, Ali B, Yudono A, Ismail M and Maheepala, S. 2012. Context and challenges in urban water and wastewater services for Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. A report prepared for the CSIRO-AusAID Research alliance, CSIRO. 82pp (PDF, 5 MB)

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