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September 2002

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National Bid to Save Water

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent and a national effort is needed to re-use and conserve water – our most precious resource. Read about how CSIRO know-how is contributing to this effort, and how water re-use technology can help a lot of people in Australia – and around the world.

Combating Catchment Erosion

Mapping an entire catchment is difficult, but CSIRO scientists have succeeded with the Burdekin Catchment in Queensland. Thanks to innovative modeling technology, landholders, government agencies and land managers have the information they need to tackle catchment erosion at critical hotspots.

Efficient Water Use for Agriculture in Australia and China

In a global joint venture, scientists from CSIRO Land and Water and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have joined forces to work on a perennial agricultural problem: how to balance production with environmental impacts. Find out how the language of science can bridge geographic and cultural distances at the cutting edge of agricultural research.

Feature Story: Keeping Watch on Chemicals in our Waterways

Have you ever wondered what becomes of our pharmaceuticals in the long term? Ever considered what might happen if trace amounts of these chemicals end up in our waterways? A group of Australian scientists including CSIRO researchers have teamed up to consider these questions, and their implications for environmental management in Australia.

Maintaining the Health of Adelaide's Coastal Waters

The preliminary findings of a $4 million coastal waters study has revealed some warning signs on the state of Adelaide’s coastal waters. Read about how this CSIRO managed study is developing the understanding and tools needed to manage the city’s coastal waters for the future.

Plastic 'Plants' Help Native Fish

If you ever thought artificial plants were the environmentally unfriendly option – think again. Scientists from CSIRO Land and Water and the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre are busily installing plastic plants into Victoria’s Broken River. Intrigued? Read on.

Mallee Project Wins National Landcare Award

What happens when a group of concerned community members gets together to work on improving the sustainability of farming in their region? A community organisation from the mallee region is showing the world, with help from the CSIRO.

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