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April 2003

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Sentinel Hotspots Helps Firefighters Track Australian Bushfires

During the devastating 2002 - 03 fire season, up-to-date information was crucial in the fight to save lives and property. Find out how the internet-based satellite mapping system Sentinel Hotspots became the firefighters' 'eye in the sky' in a dramatic baptism of fire.

Waste Makes A Comeback

We're all familiar with the idea of using organic waste to enrich soil for agriculture but is it safe to use biosolids from wastewater treatment plants for growing food? Read how researchers from CSIRO Land and Water are helping to understand the risks and benefits of using biosolids in agriculture.

Making the most of a Trickle

When is a trickle more than enough? When a new tool called WetUp can be downloaded from the CSIRO Land and Water website to help farmers use their River and Irrigation Hydrology more efficiently.

Feature Story: Challenging Our Water Myths

'The Australian psyche is dominated by dreams of water', says CSIRO Land and Water Chief Dr John Williams. But with these dreams come some dangerous myths. Is it time to myth-proof our thinking? Dr Williams believes that it is.

Model for Landscape Conservation Adopted

A new report released by the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists in February 2003 provides scientific advice about landscape conservation in NSW. It has subsequently been adopted by the NSW government as the basis for native vegetation management reform.

Boost for Blue Lake's Future

Water is vital to us all, and we want to keep our water supplies safe and reliable. Find out how CSIRO Land and Water is helping the residents of the City of Mount Gambier in South Australia to safeguard their water supply - the famous Blue Lake.

Reaching for a Positive Chemical Equation

What happens to pesticides in water used to irrigate rice crops? A study by CSIRO Land and Water scientists about the behaviour of chemicals under Australian environmental conditions provides rice growers with options to protect rivers.

Energy Smart Green Globe Award for Windscape Team

2003 - Water on the World Agenda

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