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November 2003

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Murky Secrets Revealed

Where did all that mud in Western Port Bay (Vic.) come from? This mystery has been investigated by nine scientists from CSIRO Land and Water. Read how these scientists are not afraid to get their hands dirty in the cause of a cleaner environment.

The Science Behind the Western Port Bay Sediment Study

Can you fingerprint a mud sample? More about our intrepid scientists in their quest to understand the Mystery of the Mud.

Good Oil for PNG Producers

Another earthy mystery, this time in Papua New Guinea. PNG’s valuable oil palms are an important agricultural commodity – but some of them are getting sick. CSIRO researchers are working with partners to find out why this is happening and how it can be stopped. But what does this have to do with earth?

Pooling Water Resources

We all know how important water is, and how much we need to protect this most precious resource. CSIRO has joined with partners in the water industry to seek new ways to conserve and reuse our water. Find out about the new program that will help us all to get a lot more out of our water.

Feature Story: Why the Murray River Needs Help

Dr John Williams, Chief of CSIRO Land and Water, discusses how we can meet the challenge of helping the mighty Murray River – and ourselves – to a sustainable future

Tropical Rivers Forum

Safeguarding Dangerous Shores

The dirt-flavoured detective stories in this issue continue, with this account of why some things – and places – are better left undisturbed.

Pollution Beating Bugs

Although we may not all be fond of bugs, some of them can be extremely useful. The beneficial microbes that munch pollution are certainly helpful – and a team from CSIRO Land and Water tells us how.

Groundwater Flows and Salinity

Did you know that there may be a river or a lake beneath your feet right now? Groundwater flows are very complex – and a new publication informs us how these flows can affect salinity. With this knowledge we can look into new ways to plan for and manage the salinity problem in Australia.

Global Role for CSIRO Irrigation Research

CSIRO Irrigation Device Wins International Award

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