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Issue No. 11, December 2001

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Clues to Curing a Toxic Mix

If the thought of polluted soil sounds nasty to you, then it won’t be good news to discover that the problem usually involves a mixture of different contaminants – many of which are even more dangerous when combined. To tackle this problem, the first step is to find better ways to assess the real impact of complex mixtures of soil contaminants, and that’s just what we are doing. But what happens next? And what exactly does algae have to do with all of this? Read on…

The Key to Estuarine Changes

The beautiful Gippsland Lakes are changing, and water quality is at stake. But never fear, scientists are taking up the challenge. Using state-of-the-art modelling technology, they have been able to unravel what makes the Lakes tick – hydrodynamically and biogeochemically. With this knowledge, we are equipped to manage the Lakes for the future.

‘Buried Water’ wins world prize

Ever heard of water banking? While it sounds like a strange concept (does it earn much interest?) this CSIRO research has certainly attracted a lot of international attention. So much so, that UNESCO has awarded the scientists involved with a highly prestigious prize. Find out how water can be banked, buried and still come out on top.

Repairing Australia

“Business as usual is no longer an option”. So says Graham Harris, Chairman, CSIRO Flagship Programs. “All of this isn’t rocket science – it’s much harder.” But what could possibly be harder than rocket science? According to Dr Harris, long-term sustainability in Australia. Tackling this issue presents a challenge for all of us. Read all about it in Dr Harris’ address to the National Press Club on September 25, 2001.

Cleaning Up Contaminated Water

What have sewage management and water used on irrigated crops got in common? You might well wonder. But for a team of CSIRO Land and Water researchers the answer's easy: both can be cleaned up using the same technology. Pesticides in drainage water can be a problem for irrigators during the summer months, but fortunately CSIRO researchers can help out – having discovered a clever new use for some existing irrigation technology…

Progress in the Lower Burdekin

From buried water to groundwater – and the inspiring tale of how one Queensland community is working with CSIRO to ensure sustainable groundwater systems. Underground aquifers are the heart of the Lower Burdekin water system, and a healthy aquifer means a healthy economy. So researchers, industry, government and the enthusiastic Lower Burdekin community have joined forces, to maintain a healthy water supply.

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