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CLW Link - April 2003

Land and Water Link (December 2004 No.17) ON-LINE Betting the Farm Future | Across the Fenceline | Probing Living Earth | Looking for Adventure | Reading the Leaves | X-ray Specs to Spot Salinity | How Airborne Geophysics Works | Good News for a Dry Country

Land and Water Link (May 2004 No.16) ON-LINE New Chief | Towards a Healthy Wheatbelt | Economic Research Boost | Disease Control, Nature’s Way | Healthy Working Rivers | The Risky Business of Environmental Contaminants | Tropical Rivers Forum | Griffith Lab launch | Working to World Standards | What Soil is that?

Land and Water Link (November 2003) ON-LINE Murky Secrets Revealed | Science Behind Sediment Study | Good Oil for PNG Producers | Pooling Water Resources | Why Murray Needs Help | Tropical Rivers Forum | Safeguarding Dangerous Shores | Pollution Beating Bugs | Groundwater Flows and Salinity | Global Role for CSIRO Irrigation | Irrigation Device Wins Award

Land and Water Link (April 2003) ON-LINE Sentinel Hotspots Helps Firefighters Track Australian Bushfires | Waste Makes a Comeback | Making the Most of a Trickle | Challenging Our Water Myths | Model for Landscape Conservation Adopted | Boost for Blue Lake's Future | Reaching for a Positive Chemical Equation | Energy Smart Green Globe Award for Windscape Team | 2003 - Water on the World Agenda

Land and Water Link (September 2002) ON-LINE National Bid to Save Water | Combating Catchment Erosion | Efficient Water Use for Agriculture in Australia and China | Keeping Watch on Chemicals in our Waterways | Maintaining the Health of Adelaide's Coastal Waters | Plastic 'Plants' Help Native Fish | Mallee Project Wins National Landcare Award | New CSIRO Web Resources | National Irrigation Award for Townsville Researcher

Land and Water Link No.12 (May 2002) ON-LINE The Big Dry | Global Spotlight on the Murrumbidgee | Linking Agriculture, Environment and Economy | Disasters - Seeing the Big Picture | Trees to Combat Salinity | Working Towards Sustainable Soils | Australian Land Use Defined

Land and Water Link No.11 (December 2001) ON-LINE Clues to Curing a Toxic Mix | Catchment Management Provides Key to Estuarine Changes | 'Buried Water' Wins World Prize | Repairing Australia | Novel Solution for Cleaning Up Contaminated Water | Partnership Makes Progress in the Lower Burdekin

PDF Land and Water Link No.10 (August 2001, 357 kB)
Where Earth and Sky Meet | Award Winning Sustainable Farming Research | Precision Practices Target Grapes and Wine |New Website for CSIRO Land and Water | Healthy Australia | Land and Water Images Now Available Online | Fishing for the Right Balance to Algal Blooms | Groundwater Research Aids Irrigators

PDF Land and Water Link No.9 (April 2001, 320 kB)
Oxygen probe boon for mining | Measuring the health of Adelaide’s coastal waters  | Silicon boosts sugar production | Search for the secrets of undiscovered lifeforms | Mapping the environment – from space | Mallee farmers profit from sustainable cropping practices | Landmark publication on environmental flows

PDF Land and Water Link No.8 (December 2000, 396 kB)
Algal Mysteries Revealed | Natural Causes of Climate Variability  | Ecosystem Services Integrate Ecology and Economy | Clearing Up Concepts | ‘From Source Zones to Ecosystems’ | Future Landscapes to Fight Salinity | PERU now a ‘Quality Endorsed’ Research Provider | Australia Acts to Cut Cadmium  | Prestigious Award for CSIRO Researcher

PDF Land and Water Link No.7 (October 2000, 436 kB)
Home Grown | Ecosummit – Grounds for Hope | Burdekin Groundwater Sustainability Initiative | Environment + Economy = EMS | A Full Stop for Irrigation | Australia’s Thirst for Water | Keeping Customers Satisfied

PDF Land and Water Link No. 6 (April 2000, 375 kB
Timely Trials for Algal ‘Fix’ | Audit Looks Towards Better Water for Sydney | Practical program promises to minimise pesticide pollution | Environmentally Friendly Software | CSIRO Researcher Achieves International Recognition | Chief Makes Waves at World Water Congress

PDF Land and Water Link No. 5 (December 1999, 334 kB
Hope for the Heartlands | Soil bugs set to cleanse toxins | Better waterway management | Farming without Harming | Trees to tackle acidification

PDF Land and Water Link No. 4 (August 1999, 439 kB
Grain of Sand | Ecosystem Dependence on Groundwater | Understanding our Estuaries | Networked for Success | CSIRO Scientist Achieves International Recognition | A New Tool for Sustainable Land Management

PDF Land and Water Link No. 3 (December 1998, 535 kB
Perth Test Case for Next Century’s Water | Assurance of Quality | Down to Earth Scientist Wins Medal | Landscape Renewal | Effluent Irrigation - No Miracle Solution | Going with the Flow | International Pollution Conference in Perth | New Manager for Environmental Projects Office

PDF Land and Water Link No. 2 (May 1998, 384 kB
Australia needs a 'true blue' land use system | Australia's global role in landscape sustainability | The Science of Wind Energy | Petroleum hydrogeology: assisting oil and gas industry | Higher farm profits - precisely what's needed!

PDF Land and Water Link No. 1 (October 1997, 201 kB
World-class Science Chief Appointed | Inland Rivers - Chemical Cocktail | Cleaning up Oil Contamination | Pass the Salt .... Please! | Update - Salt Disposal Basin Research