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Adelaide Coastal Waters Study

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The Adelaide Coastal Waters Study (ACWS) was a A$3 million research program initiated in 2001 to provide an integrated understanding of Adelaide's coastal system.
The six-year study investigated the causes of water quality decline and the loss of more than 5 000 hectares of seagrass in Gulf of St Vincent, adjacent to Adelaide's shoreline, since the mid 1930s and 1940s.
Technical reports from the Study are available below, as well as past editions of the Study's official newsletter: City to Sea.
More information about the Adelaide Coastal Waters Study.

Final Report

Technical Reports

ACWS City to Sea Newsletter

  • Issue 1 - Autumn 2001 (PDF, 589 kB)
  • Issue 2 - Spring 2001 (PDF, 569 kB)
  • Issue 3 - Summer 2002 (PDF, 667 kB)
  • Issue 4 - Winter 2003 (PDF, 865 kB)
  • Issue 5 - Summer 2004 (PDF, 792 kB)
  • Issue 6 - Spring 2004 (PDF, 652 kB)
  • Issue 7 - Winter 2005 (PDF, 820 kB)


More information about the Adelaide Coastal Waters Study.