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Northern Australia Irrigation Futures

Providing new knowledge, tools, and processes to support debate
and decision making regarding irrigation in northern Australia

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The NAIF project seek to add value to government and community processes addressing natural resource management in order to ensure existing irrigation in northern Australia, and any new irrigation if developed, is done so sustainably within a catchment context.

The NAIF project is well linked with NRM regional bodies, local governments and communities across northern Australia, and with the Commonwealth, WA, NT, and QLD governments who have responsibilities for tropical Australia.

The NAIF Project was launched in August 2003, and submitted its final report to Land and Water Australia in December 2007. This website is an archive of the NAIF activities, reports and publications from 2003 to 2010.

Extract from NAIF final report:
NAIF has highlighted the importance of developing a system-wide understanding of the context for irrigation in northern Australia and a shared vision for its future. NAIF has also demonstrated that while no single framework can hope to ensure sustainability, it is possible to deliver knowledge, tools and processes that can help governments and catchment communities charged with making decisions about these complex issues. According to the feedback received, NAIF has had significant impact and influence on the thinking about irrigation in northern Australia.

Extract from Land and Water Australia’s approval of final report letter:
The NAIF project is to be commended as a project which delivered new knowledge in a timely fashion. The issues identified by NAIF as being important and relevant to research four years ago, are now issues being directly addressed by the Federal Government. The NAIF project has a rare opportunity to deliver its research findings and inform current policy development for Northern Austrralia.

Irrigation mosaics, as highlighted, researched and analysed by the NAIF project team, was picked up by the North Australia Land and Water Taskforce as warranting further consideration. See page 21 of the Final Report (PDF, 2.2 MB).

The Australian government made specific comment on the use of mosaics in northern Australia in their Vision for the North's Contribution to a Sustainable Australia issued 15 August 2010.


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