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Significant new data uploaded to ASRIS

A recent DAFF funded project has facilitated the upload of considerable additional mapped soil data to ASRIS from state and territory agencies. Data includes improved coverage and attribution of Level 4 and 5 data in Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

image 1
image 2
Extent of ASRIS Level 4 data (1:250 000 scale)
Extent of ASRIS Level 5 data (1:100 000 scale)


Images from the Radiometric Map of Australia (2009) produced by Geoscience Australia have also bee added to ASRIS. These include the ternary radiometric image (showing concentrations of potassium, uranium and thorium) and the Thorium-Potassium Ratio image (which has high correlation to soil type mapping). Look for them under the Landscape and Terrain folder in the ASRIS layer list.


image 3

ASRIS screenshot showing the ternary radiometric image


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