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Appendix 6

Summary of Changes in the Revised Edition

The main changes in the Revised Edition relate to the Tenosol soil order (see below). Minor sections have been updated to reflect changes since the original publication in 1996. Various typographic errors have also been corrected. The changes affecting the Tenosol soil order are summarised below.

  • Tenosols are now defined more explicitly as soils that do not fit the requirement of other soil orders and the eight sets of characteristics in the definition provide a guide to the most frequent forms.
  • The term Leptic is restricted to soils underlain by hard materials within 0.5 m.
  • Two new Suborders have been created (Sesqui-Nodular and Calcenic) along with associated great groups and subgroups.
  • Orthic Tenosols are now subdivided into five colour classes.
  • The Chernic-Leptic and Leptic Tenosols now include Duric and Ferric-Petroferric great groups.
  • Chernic Tenosols now have a Marly great group.
  • The definition of Rudosols has been clarified and the reference to Leptic Tenosols is no longer applied.
  • The Andic, Tephric, Shelly, Marly, Ferric and Regolithic great groups have been removed from Chernic-Leptic and Leptic Tenosols because they are not hard materials.
  • The Regolithic great group of Bleached-Leptic Tenosols has been removed.
  • Ferric-Reticulate (new class), Reticulate, Shelly and Marly great groups have been added to the Bleached-Orthic, Red-Orthic, Brown-Orthic, Yellow-Orthic, Grey-Orthic and Black-Orthic suborders.
  • Acidic, Basic and Calcareous subgroups have been added to Leptic Tenosols.
  • A Manganic subgroup has been added to the Bleached-Orthic Tenosols.
  • Manganic, Subpeaty, Subhumose, Submelacic and Submelanic subgroups have been added to the Red-Orthic, Brown-Orthic, Yellow-Orthic, Grey-Orthic and Black-Orthic suborders.
  • Definition of the Petroferric horizon has been revised.