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Appendix 5

Approximate correlations between the Australian and other soil classifications

Order Great Soil Group Factual Key Soil Taxonomy Order
CALCAROSOLS Solonised brown soils, grey-brown and red calcareous soils. Gc1, Gc2, Um1, Um5 soils Aridisols, Alfisols
CHROMOSOLS Non-calcic brown soils, some red-brown earths and a range of podzolic soils Many forms of duplex (D) soils Alfisols, some Aridisols
DERMOSOLS Prairie soils, chocolate soils, some red and yellow podzolic soils Wide range of Gn3 soils, some Um4 Mollisols, Alfisols, Ultisols
FERROSOLS Krasnozems, euchrozems, chocolate soils Gn3, Gn4, Uf5, Uf6 soils Oxisols, Alfisols
HYDROSOLS Humic gleys, gleyed podzolic soils, solonchaks and some alluvial soils Wide range of classes, Dg and some Uf6 soils probably most common Alfisols, Ultisols, Inceptisols, salic Aridisols, Histosols
KANDOSOLS Red, yellow and grey earths, calcareous red earths Gn2, Um5 soils Alfisols, Ultisols, Aridisols
KUROSOLS Many podzolic soils and soloths Many strongly acid duplex soils Ultisols, Alfisols
ORGANOSOLS Neutral to alkaline, and acid peats Organic (O) soils Histosols
PODOSOLS Podzols, humus podzols, peaty podsols Many Uc2, some Uc3, Uc4 soils Spodosols, some Entisols
RUDOSOLS Lithosols, alluvial soils, calcareous and siliceous sands, some solonchaks Uc1, Um1, Uf1, soils Entisols, salic Aridisols
SODOSOLS Solodized solonetz and solodic soils, some soloths and red-brown earths, desert loams Many duplex (D) soils Alfisols, Aridisols
TENOSOLS Lithosols, siliceous and earthly sands, alpine humus soils and some alluvial soils Many Uc and Um classes Inceptisols, Aridisols, Entisols
VERTOSOLS Black earths, grey, brown and red clays Ug5 soils Vertisols

This table is intended only to give an idea of soils which approximately correspond to the orders of the new scheme. It is not meant to be used as an accurate translation between the various classification schemes. In many cases only major nearest equivalents can be given as differentiating criteria often differ between the four systems. No equivalent classes are available for Anthroposols, although some would fit into Entisols.