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Name: AbstractSoil

AbstractSoil is an abstract soil domain feature that provides a link between the SoilFeatures and the Landscape features, via landscapeContext, the spatial distribution of the SoilFeatures via the occurrence property, and the metadata properties.
terms indicating the presence of material deposited on a pre-existing surface as a result of wind and/or water erosion (p138)
Placeholder to capture anthropogenic impact on the Landscape
Summary schema to import all related application schemas for ANZSoilML v1.0.0
ANZSoilML is an application schema that specifies a set of feature-types and supporting structures for information used in the Australian and New Zealand soil sciences.
ANZSoilML is scoped to the information specified in:
AUS: Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook, Third edition, 2009, The National Committee on Soil and Terrain.
NZL: Soil Description, Revised edition, 1995, Milne, J.D.G., Clayden, B., Singleton, P.L., Wilson, A.D.
ANZSoilML is primarily concerned with observed properties of Soils and associated Landscapes.
ANZSoilML is factored into a set of sub-packages that are maintained separately.
ANZSoilML was derived from OzSoilML, which was developed under the auspices of the Australian Collaborative Land Evaluation Program (ACLEP)
Copyright (c) CSIRO and Landcare Research NZ Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.
This is a separate package to facilitate future integration within a broader environmental system, and to minimise dependencies between ANZSoilML packages.
Application schema to capture Landscape properties associated with Soils
The ANZSoilML_Soil Package contains classes representing notional soil units, soil profiles and soil layers whose complete and precise extent is inferred to exist. Explicit spatial properties are available through association with a SpatialEntity via the AbstractSoil generalization.

Soils includes both formal units (i.e. formally adopted and named in the official lexicon) and informal units (i.e. named but not promoted to the lexicon) and unnamed units (i.e. recognisable and described and delineable in the field but not otherwise formalised).
Application Schema for soil sampling, soil specimens and related observations
Terms to describe the size of the artificial fragment