Package ANZSoilML.ANZSoilML_Core

Notes:This is a separate package to facilitate future integration within a broader environmental system, and to minimise dependencies between ANZSoilML packages.

Class Summary

<<FeatureType>>LandscapeFeatureAn abstract parent class of those features that may be spatially located in the landscape.
LandscapeFeatureRelationAssociation class to allow relating features in the landscape to each other.
<<CodeList>>RelationRoleTermPlaceholder for terms to describe the relationship between landscape feature components
<<FeatureType>>SpatialEntityA SpatialEntity is part of a soil description.
It provides a link between a notional feature (description package) and one spatial representation of it, or part of it. (Sites, Transects, Exposures, Surface Traces and Intercepts, etc)
* the specific bounded occurrence, such as a map polygon
* the SpatialEntity carries a geometry or shape
- the association with a Soil or Landscape Feature provides the specification of all the other descriptors
- the association with a Sampling Feature provides the context and dimensionality

A SpatialEntity is always associated with some sampling feature - e.g. a Soil Sample, a Landscape, a Soil Layer etc.
<<CodeList>>SpatialObservationMethodTermTerms that will come from a vocabulary appropriate for the observationMethod property. (eg: digitised, Global Positioning System, published map, field observation, aerial photography, field survey)

ObservationMethod is a convenience property that provides a quick and dirty approach to observation metadata when data are reported using a feature view (as opposed to observation view).

Tagged Value

gmlProfileSchemaDescription: URL of the schema location of a GML profile (optional)
ownerCSIRO Land and Water
targetNamespace FIXME
Description: Target XML namespace of the application schema
version1.0.0Default: FIXME
Description: Current version of the application schema
xmlnsanzsmlDefault: FIXME
Description: Namespace prefix to be used as short form of the target namespace
xsdDocumentanzsoilml-core.xsdDefault: FIXME
Description: Name of an XML Schema document to create representing the content of this package
xsdEncodingRuleiso19136_2007Values: iso19136_2007,iso19139_2007,iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Default: iso19136_2007
Description: XML Schema encoding rule to apply

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