Notes:Codes used for the specification of the intended purpose/level of abstraction for a given feature or object instance, ie the reason for the existence of the SoilFeature.
Values: instance, typicalNorm, definingNorm.


definingNorm1...1DefiningNorm -- a description that specifies properties sufficient to identify a new occurrence as belonging to the class represented by the description. Basically these are the 'sufficient conditions' for class membership. Used when presented with a query 'I have a profile with these properties; which soil unit should I assign to the profile?' DefiningNorm has to do with the intension of a ControlledConcept.
instance1...1Instance -- a description that is specific to a particular observed occurrence. This is 'raw data', and its classification may start out as very general.
typicalNorm1...1TypicalNorm -- a description that specifies properties to be expected of some occurrence associated with the Soil. This description may include many properties that are not part of the DefiningNorm.
For example, the fact that Rudosols typically have gravel within 1 metre of the surface horizon is not a defining property, but is a useful typical property. These kinds of descriptions would be used to address queries like 'This area is within a polygon classified as a Rudosol; what sort of Soil Profile am I most likely to encounter when I start digging?' The Rudosol may be defined by the presence of little variation in texture or colour with depth.
TypicalNorm description would be constructed as a summary over many Instance descriptions.

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Tagged Values

asDictionaryfalseValues: true,false
Default: true
Description: Encode code list as externally managed dictionary (applies to ISO 19136:2007 encoding rule). Always true in INSPIRE.
codeSpaceDescription: URI that identifies the authority for this dictionary and its members
dictionaryIdentifierDescription: URI that identifies this dictionary
memberIdentifierStemDescription: URI stem used for dictionary members
xsdEncodingRuleiso19136_2007Values: iso19136_2007,iso19139_2007,iso19136_2007_INSPIRE_Extensions
Default: iso19136_2007